We provide a range of services to residential, industrial and government projects.


Flynn Civil is based in Curtis Island, where we provide construction, demolition and earthmoving services to coastal Queensland and northern New South Wales, including Tolga, the Sunshine Coast, Mackay, Atherton Tablelands, Townsville, South East Queensland and Northern Rivers.

Our services include road grading, road construction, small demolition, earthmoving and final trim services, as well as wet and dry hire.

CAT 330 Excavator

Small demolition is tearing down non-temporary structures like brick walls. Fixed structures require special tools to remove, especially when surrounded by material you don’t want damaged. Small demolition projects can be either inside or outside and allow you to redesign or repurpose your space and remove anything that will limit your new layout.

Non-load bearing walls, door frames and kitchen islands are examples of indoor demolition tasks, whereas sheds, garages and fences are included in outdoor demolition jobs.

Small Demolition

CAT 330 Excavator

Constructing a road involves planning, performing earthworks, creating foundations and installing drains and storm sewers, and paving the road. Flynn Civil works with labourers, equipment operators, pavers, surfacers and pile-drivers throughout this process, managing our asphalt, liquid asphalt, concrete and rebar use all the while. We also consider traffic volume, road type and landscape in deciding when and how we construct your road most effectively.

Road Construction

CAT 330 Excavator

Road Grading

Road grading is the process of removing irregularities like corrugations and plot holes in the road to restore the driving surface to a desired smoothness and shape. The desired shape of a gravel road is a crowned driving surface with a shoulder that slopes away from the driving surface and ditches on either side. This structure ensures proper drainage and perform better under constant traffic and heavy vehicles. We grade roads by redistributing gravel with a grader and capable grader operator, who cuts into the surface of the road and fills it with material. 

We check the amount of moisture present in the road base, the current weather conditions and the speed of the traffic using the road to determine when and how to grade the road most effectively. We also account for the moldboard angle and moldboard pitch.

Serving Coastal Queensland and Northern New South Wales

CAT 330 Excavator

Final trim or “final trimming” is using a grader to smooth out the flat surfaces made during bulk earthmoving to ensure the land is level. Graders angle their blades to shape the surface to the required slope (or lack of one) as they drive along. The final trim stage of earthmoving also checks if the soil or other material is compacted enough for vehicles to drive on it – whether those vehicles are cars and trucks or cranes for construction.

Final Trim

CAT 330 Excavator


Earthmoving is an essential step in any construction or mining project. Earthmoving turns an otherwise less than ideal site into a level, well-compacted worksite ready for building. Some earthmoving tasks include bulk earthworks, trenching, detailed earthworks and excavation.

Government projects include road, government building, bridges and national parks.

Industrial projects include mining, energy, and manufacturing projects.

Commercial projects include excavating for office buildings, stores, restaurants and other places of business.

Government Projects

Industrial Projects

Commercial Projects

Government Projects
Industrial Projects
Commercial Projects

Residential projects include housing, landscaping, residential swimming pool excavation and subdivisions.

Residential Projects

Residential Projects

Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Government Services

Flynn Civil provides services to residential, commercial, industrial and government projects.

Contact Flynn Civil today for a obligation-free, competitive quote.

Contact Flynn Civil today for an obligation-free, competitive quote.

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